Dear COAST NMR practitioner,

As a partner in uNMR-NL (Grid) COAST is committed to facilitating the development of the roadmap for NMR in The Netherlands. Presently the installation of the long-expected 1.2GHz instrument has started in Utrecht and the 950 MHz instrument has been moved to Nijmegen.

Clearly, the development of NMR as a formidable analytical technique will not stop at the present state of the art. Therefore, we are looking ahead to further improvement of the capabilities of NMR. To this end we organize an inspirational workshop in which participants will exchange analytical challenges out-of-the-box ideas for NMR of the future. This will be done through presentations by (1) NMR tenure-track researchers about the present and near-future state of the art, (2) presentations by and discussions with tenure-track researchers from the COAST NeTTwork in other analytical disciplines that may be digitally or physically integrated or hyphenated with NMR, and (3) NMR practitioners in companies with analytical challenges.

We kindly invite you to participate in the following workshop:

Workshop NMR Plans for the future,  Wed 7 April 2021, 15:00 – 17:00, Zoom

  • Intro (OvdB & MB) (10’)
  • uNMR-NL TTs  - present and near future possibilities  (30’)
  • TT’s from different analytical subdisciplines  (wishes orthogonal and hyphenated technologies, data fusion) (30’)
  • Challenges in the private practice of NMR. (applications and technological requirements) (30’)
  • Discussion (15’)
  • Closing remarks (5’)



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  • Free of Charge: € 0